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DJ ROAST BEATZ feat. MYS DIGGI: Pour Me (2013) Video

Pour Me is Roast Beatz’ latest joint and contrives to be both an anthem for partying hard and a plea for sympathy for partying too hard. The first of these aims is achieved effortlessly, by making excellent use of a sample I last heard on Speech Defect’s Superfuture and putting UK rapper Mys Diggi a.k.a. Mystro in charge of rhymes. According to the PR, “We made sure it wasn’t just about getting pissed.” Which is true – near the start there is about ten seconds footage of mans getting high on aerosol fumes while graffitiing and some studio footage of Beatz drinking from a mug – though there’s no guarantee it was tea or coffee eh? Pour Me will feature on the first of two EPs off Beatz’ forthcoming album Luxury Boom Bap For The Eclectic B-Boy which will definitely be on the monkey’s ‘want to hear’ list. The return of true school UK party rap continues…

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  1. Boogie Boutique Records are simply on fire! Everything they put out kills it – including this Roast Beatz and Mystro release. Word.

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