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DJ REBEL: Uptown A Little Bit More (2015) Free download

Uptown A Little Bit More DJ Rebel[RATING: 5] It wasn’t so many years ago that Mark Ronseal was well into his retro soul. Of late though he’s been far more interested in 80s funk. But what if 80s funk don’t give it to ya? Or what if you like Bruno Mars’ singing but prefer a more sixties rnb-ish/ northern soul beat – like, say, the sort of thing The Olympics used to do? These and other questions are the sort of thing that DJ Rebel has been pondering lately with customarily excellent results – like Uptown A Little Bit More. Smoother than a fresh jar of skippy and guaranteed to make girls hit their hallelujahs. Cop it below…

Player removed from Soundcloud for some reason, folks 😉 – but check DJ Rebel’s Soundcloud for what’s currently up anyway.

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