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DJ NU-MARK feat NYOIL: Lay Em Low (2013) Free download

The devil makes words for idle hands and he obviously didn’t think J5 dj/producer Nu-Mark had enough to do what with making some original beats this month for forthcoming movie Ride Along (starring Ice Cube and John Leguizamo among others), a nine date UK and Spanish tour with Jurassic 5 in June, subsequent dj sets in Brazil, and a couple of tracks on a forthcoming Lonely Island LP. So here’s this – a freebie collabo between Uncle Nu and Staten Island emcee N.Y. OIL who older readers may have known in his earlier incarnation as Kool Kim of UMC’s. Fat boom-bap with that trademark Nu-Mark neck-snap, horns, James Brown interpolations, ooh, ooh, it’s, it’s…actually it’s a bit like a J5 beat. Cop it off the player…

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