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DJ NICK BIKE: Chosen Spokes Vol. 1 (2014) + free download

Chosen Spokes Vol. 1 Nick BikeDJ Nick Bike re-cycles three classic funk cuts on Chosen Spokes Vol. 1 basically by pumping up the respective beats and adorning the results with glittering funk heritage spokie dokies in the form of JB shout-outs and the like. Kool & The Gang’s Take The Weight is given a breakbeat run round the block (party), Lou Johnson’s Beat gets a full service and Tony Alvon’s Sexy Coffee Pot does a wheelie all the way from the grinder to the percolator – and the three of them are available together on the same 45. All spokes fully tightened and everything running true then. And for extra jollies there’s a freebie going begging too – in the form of a rerub of Nas’s It Ain’t Hard To Tell – cop it off the bottom player below…
(Out now and available from the Nick Bike bandcamp)

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