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DJ MAARS vs. TOM SHOWTIME: The Bling Tubby EP (2013)

DJ Maars and Tom Showtime continue their run of excellent reggae/ hip-hop mashups but alongside their (well-deserved) reputation for so doing they begin to cultivate a reputation for really quite shocking reggae/hip-hop puns as titles. Thus it is that The Bling Tubby EP constitutes the sequel to The Chipper Irie EP and the pair embark on a sadistic journey that seems likely to inflict such gems as the ‘Phat Uhuru’ and ‘Lee Transform Scratch Perry’ EPs on an unsuspecting public at some unspecified future time. Who knows where it will all end? What I can report is that you’ll be more than happy to have a reggae Rakim, People Under The Stairs, Dre and Biggie in your life…
(Out 30 October on Booty Fruit)

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