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DJ INKO: Mama Diaspora ‘Back In My Hometown’ (DJ Inko remix)/ Inner Circle ‘Sweat’ (DJ Inko remix) (2015) Free download

Back In My Hometown Sweat Dj InkoDJ Inko‘s been on a remix tip again, not that you’d know from his Soundcloud. But then Soundcloud has been a bit of a minefield where unofficial remixes and edits are concerned lately, even if they are free downloads and there is zero profit for megacorps to be missing out on. Still that’s what happens when you let the megacorps take over. They kill the goose that laid the golden egg. On the plus side though, we can all laugh at the stupid megacorps that’s left holding a dead goose. Like Myspace. While we reflect on that let’s celebrate with a couple of free Inko downloads. First he puts the beat into the Balkans with his version on Mama Diaspora’s Back in My Hometown and then he ushers Inner Circle’s Sweat away from the reggae beach party and into the dancehall. Cop ’em HERE (not Soundcloud) for a like or via link in video description.

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