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DJ GOODKA & DJ MOAR: ‘Groovology’ LP update, tracklist + Funky Child Mix download

Anyone who caught Moar’s Tribute To B-Boys in the summer will know it contains tracks that could have your grandma doing a windmill, so checking this out ought to be a no-brainer. In the meantime check out Moar’s free to download Funky Child Mix
(PRESS RELEASE) Long-time friends and fellow music lovers, GOODKA & MOAR have been hardcore vinyl diggin’ since the early 80’s. Always looking for the perfect beat, international breakdance DJ KING ZULU DJ GOODKA (Mighty 4, Battle Of The Year…) is known for dropping furious unknown b-boy breaks lifted from his legendary massive record collection while the extra-prolific MOAR is one of the most talented French Hip-Hop beatmakers with releases on his own label (Tribute To B-Boys, Seasons Change feat Raashan Ahmad, Wizard Performances…). Both members of the FUNKY SATURDAY party crew, they always blow up the spot when droppin’ tunes from GROOVOLOGY at parties in PARIS, LYON, GRENOBLE or NANTES.
And when a true digger meets a genius producer, what would you expect but a timeless album called “GROOVOLOGY” – 12 tracks of pure Funk Hip-Hop Afro Latin vibez – out soon on Trad Vibe.

The vinyl is pressed up in ORANGE colour to give a 70’s feel. The cover is nonetheless attractive with an original artwork by the master JEAN-YVES BLANC.
GROOVOLOGY is an essential record and a must have in every self-respecting beat-lover’s collection!

Listen to Freak Freak The Funk
LIsten to French Syrup

DJ Goodka & DJ Moar – Groovology – TRACKLIST:

Side One
1 : 80’s Boogie Skater (3:50)
2 : Freak Freak The Funk (3:10)
3 : Mission Secrète (3:42)
4 : Like This, Like That (3:21)
5 : Shibuya’s Break (2:07)
6 : French Syrup (1:56)

Side Two
1 : Do The Funky King Kong (3:08)
2 : L’Oiseau Doré (3:59)
3 : Viens… (0:51)
4 : We Love You (4:41)
5 : Maxtroïd (4:11)
6 : Next Episode (0:41)

DJ Moar – Myspace

DJ Goodka – Myspace

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