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DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL: Dirt (2017) + video

DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL: Dirt videoToday is Friday and it’s good. Not in a religious sense you understand but because DJ Format and Abdominal have just dropped another new single off forthcoming LP Still Hungry entitled Dirt. Life is too sanitised these days you see – or as Abs has it, “so fuck a bar of soap man I wanna feel the earth/ between my toes like nature intended/ because things are too clean and impeccably tended.” That’s telling them. And how about a pristine xylophone loop teamed with positively filthy double bass and drums to fully capture the tension between the marketed sanitisation of modern life and the defiantly mucky nature of humanity. Yes, that should do it – any last words Abs? “And fuck the washing up…”? I’m right with you…

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