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DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL: ‘Behind The Scenes’ video (2017)

Behind The Scenes DJ Format Abdominal[RATING: 5] Poor old Abdominal – trying to make a living out of being a full-time emcee. How quaint. Still, it does provide ample material for a wry look at how that actually works in 2017 on new Abs and Format cut Behind The Scenes. And how it works is that crate-digger and veteran creator of phat shit, DJ Format, puts together a beat that consists of one part rolling funk drums, one part hypnotic funk bassline and one part psych-guitar chops while Abdominal tells it like it is in hip-hop if you ain’t Drake. It’s a time-honoured formula but it does require being in it for the love rather than the money. Happily there’s a whole new LP on the way – the duo’s third collab. entitled Still Hungry and due in April. What else do you need to know? Oh yes – a UK May tour – full details HERE.

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