DJ DUCT feat. THE REGIMENT: Backyard Edit pt. 4 (Detroit Session) (2011)

The man from Japan, DJ Duct heads to Motor City USA for a hook-up with hip-hop crew The Regiment and comes away with Backyard Edit 4. Essentially this is the kind of vinyl-only, ultra expensive, limited-edition Japanese import on a format that’s dying on its ass (the 12”) that common sense tells you not to bother with. The thing is, where this is concerned, common sense doesn’t know what the fuck it’s talking about. Less a record than b-boy crack, you won’t really remember what got you first about A side Breakout, the big funk guitar riffs at the start or the utter hands-in-the-air shouty-ness of the chorus – then there’s the more chilled but still groovin’ and equally funky Symphony 16 on the flip. Comes with instros and acapellas of both tracks plus a live mix of Breakout. Actually, if you don’t get a move on, you won’t remember this at all since it’ll disappear into the ether to re-surface now and again on obscure b-boy forums at satellite-bothering prices.
(Out 5 September on ThinkRec)


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