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DJ DNA feat. KURTIS BLOW: ‘Far Far Away’ (Stu Mix) video (2014)

Far Far Away Stumix DJ DNA Kurtis Blow[RATING: 5] In keeping with the accidental eighties theme today, how about this? A cranking old school electro hip-hop mix of Far Far Away by DJ DNA (of Urban Dance Squad fame) which features none other than (and few more old school than) the world’s first commercially successful rapper Kurtis Blow! DJ Stu takes the boogie-tinged original album version and goes all crunchy 8-bit Atari on your ass. The video kicks off with what looks like a flying sex toy, features Blow manifested as a talking cassette tape, mutant animated Barbie dolls that look like the psychotic next door neighbours’ kid from Toy Story has been at them and either the gayest Action Man ever or Barbie’s straight act boyfriend Ken cutting loose in a see-through vinyl mini-skirt. I shit you not.

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