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DIZZY DUSTIN & PANDAMONIUM (feat. forty MCs): The Drop Cypher (Free download))

DIZZY DUSTIN & PANDAMONIUM (feat. 40 MCs): Drop Cypher It is true historically, that at times, MB post titles have verged on the lengthy – it’s one of the perils of adhering to a format – but the monkey draws the line at mentioning all forty emcees featured on the Drop Cypher besides Ugly Duckling rapper Dizzy Dustin.  For where Dizzy’s esrtwhile colleague Andy Cooper has made a name for himself dropping as many syllables as he can in standard length cuts (with or without the assistance of The Allergies), Dizzy, it seems, is all set on making one of hip-hop’s longest ever tracks at just over half an hour (though still somewhat shy of Eko Fresh’s 2020 bars) but (more importantly) quite possibly the one featuring the most emcees ever, trouncing the mere twenty-five The Game assembled (including himself) for his One Blood remix! As if that’s not enough, producer Pandamonium stitches together fifteen seamless beat transitions. There’s a lot you can do in thirty-one minutes, forty-one seconds: one is listen to the cream of underground US, UK, Canadian, French, German, Austrian and Japanese emcees, another is to start writing a post after the track you’re writing about has started and finish it before said track is done. Yep – it’s another first – all courtesy of our man DD!  Check it below and cop the track from free to whatever price you want to pay on Bandcamp. Dizzy and Pandamonium’s LP, Where Do I Go From Here, drops on 29 March.

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