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DISCOSOCKS: Sock Drawer Secrets #3 (2013) Free download

Sock Drawer Secrets 3 DiscosocksIn what is turning out to be something of a boogie night here at MB Towers, I give you what Discosocks is pleased to refer to as his Sock Drawer Secrets – specifically Vol. 3. Having divulged the mankini, penis pump, pussy whip, crusty odd sock, grot mags, and strawberry nipple cream (not to mention a plethora of disco and boogie edits) over the last two volumes, you’d be forgiven for wondering what else the man could possibly have left to reveal in his ‘sock drawer’. Suffice it to say that, for any man who rediscovers and edits such post disco delights as Firefox’s Round Trip Ticket (from the soundtrack to Breakin and surely the blueprint to Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody), Kwick’s Night Life produced by Allen A. Jones (of Bar-Kays fame) and the 3 Degrees’ pumping Georgio Moroder-produced 80s monstrosity Giving Up And Giving In, there are no limits. Unwashed cock rings, half-empty packets of illegal Chinese Viagra analogue, butt plugs…honestly – you don’t know the half of it. Cop ’em below if you dare…

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