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DISCO CAKES 5: Defkline & Red Polo vs. Dancefloor Outlaws (2012)

Fuck me, yes please! The Disco Cakes label surpasses even its recent JFB release by setting up a celebrity breaks match between Dancefloor Outlaws, Deekline and Ed Solo – the latter two travelling, for this purpose, as Defkline and Red Polo. This finds all four of them tearing around on a wild sampling spree and demonstrating the appliance of some breakbeat science to the results, ending up with 5 cast iron floor fillers. Best cuts are Spinning Wheels which takes the sixties pop-psychedelia of Blood Sweat And Tears’ Spinning Wheel (but not their version) into ghetto funk territory – and the hip-hop skank of Wonderful World which raggas-up and rinses another sixties feelgood staple – Wonderful World, Beautiful People. They also plunder Timbaland & Magoo’s Cop That Shit and 90s ragga-tinged chart hit The Power by Snap too. Does that mean these rhythms are all dancers then? Yes – and I’m serious as cancer. True vinyl heroes will be pleased to note that this is getting a wax as well as digital release…
(Out mid-late March)

Disco Cakes Vol 5 – Deekline and Ed Solo vs Dancefloor Outlaws by Dancefloor Outlaws

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