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DIRTY DUBSTERS feat. TOP CAT: Girls Pon Mi Mind (2012) + video

Dirty Dubsters deliver another booty-grinding slice of dancehall action with Girls Pon Mi Mind which skanks along at 95 bpm and is dripping with vintage reggae horns and the lusty vocal stylings of Top Cat. When I say ‘Top Cat’ I don’t, of course, mean a yellow cartoon feline but the legendary UK MC who, one has to assume, neither lives in a dustbin nor continually scams Officer Dibble. Having said that, there’s no doubt he’s the indisputable leader of the pack with his finely tuned sense of a catchy reggae vocal. Check the video below which intercuts footage of Top Cat sat around in the studio with footage of, confusingly, just the one girl (skimpily clad it is true) dancing around a pole in such a way as to suggest the girls pon him mind. Remixes come from Lion Dub and Spenda C in junglist and moombah flavours respectively.
(Limited vinyl out 15 June on Irish Moss Records)

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