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DIRTY DUBSTERS feat. MYSTRO: Fire It Up (2012) Video

In Fire It Up Mystro (that’s ‘maestro’ not ‘mist-ro’) a.k.a. Mysdiggi (doesn’t rhyme with Miss Piggy) proposes a radical solution to violence on broken Britain’s streets. Legalise weed! Yep – let everyone smoke a bit of green. Even the pigs. Chilled vibes all round, and giggly queues for munchies at your local community-business-undermining Tesco which would give a much needed boost to a tanking economy. Well…maybe if everyone smoked natural dirt-grown weed but with today’s relentless quest for atomically potent skunk such a policy would surely create empty streets that hummed with a rank hydroponic stench and the chugging rumble of sixty million people snoring. Or maybe, Mystro grows his own mellow shit which he’s thinking of marketing and that rumbling sound is Dirty Dubsters‘ atomic bass riddim. Actually, it probably is if the reggae, hip-hop rudeness of this is anything to go by. Fire It Up will be released in January on Irish Moss Records as the first single from the forthcoming Dubsters LP.

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