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DIRTY DUBSTERS feat. DARK ANGEL: Ol Bongo Cart (2014)

Ol Bongo Cart Dirty Dubsters Dark Angel[RATING: 5] The latest from Dirty Dubsters features dancehall voice Dark Angel and goes by the title of Ol Bongo Cart. Ol’ what? Surely this track isn’t celebrating a horse-drawn means of transporting afro-cuban percussion instruments? Time for an email to the Dubsters. Except they don’t know what it means either. But they know a man who does. It transpires that ‘bongo cart’ (if I’ve understood Mr Angel correctly) is what you say in front of your mum instead of a ‘bambaclaat’ even if your name is ‘Dark Angel’ and especially if you don’t want a thick ear for cussing. It’s also a sweet slab of reggae underpinned by instrumentation from Dublin reggae band The Bionic Rats with rerubs junglist style from Kenny Ken and warmly organic and dubby reggae style from Red Astaire and Dan Taliras. Vid below depicting protest against the kind of racist bambaclaat that DA refers to in his lyrics. Soundcloud below that…
(Out 26 May on Irish Moss Records)

Dirty Dubsters ft. Dark Angel – Ol Bongo Cart on MUZU.TV.

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