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DIRTY DUBSTERS feat. BASS NACHO – Big Tings (Mr Benn remix)

[rating: 5]

Calling your tune Big Tings is a bit like when a pub quiz team calls itself ‘This week’s winners,’ it often goes hand in hand with mediocre performance and… well, frankly it’s a bit cocky isn’t it? Having said that though, if I’d made this tune I’d be very cocky for it is a very big ting indeed. I could tell you that this is a huge bouncing skank of a floor filler, that the sub-bass goes off or mention the crowd-pleasing ‘Bow Chicka Wow’ hook from Floridian reggae vocalist Bass Nacho but you can listen to it below. Did I mention this is a Mr Benn remix? He’s on a bit of a roll at the minute isn’t he? First Police, then his remix of Leisure Allstars’ Friday Night and now this. Dublin-based Dirty Dubsters are dropping Big Tings on vinyl 7”, apparently as part of a series called Dirty Dubplates backed with the already hot-shit but somewhat slower original. Rudenessss!
(Out September 2010)

Dirty Dubsters feat Bass Nacho – Big Tings (Mr Benn remix) by DirtyDubsters
Dirty Dubsters – Soundcloud

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