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DIRTY DUBSTERS – Dirty Swingers EP – 2011

Dublin’s most prolific musical entity (surely) follow-up their gigantic ‘Dirty Dubplates’ banger Big Tings with this – the Dirty Swingers EP. Now, I know you’re thinking ‘wife swap’ (and not in the Channel 4 sense) but this is ‘swingers’ as in ‘swing.’ Yes, this time around those all-round ‘genre slags’ the Dirty Dubsters have turned to the greatest musical phenomenon of the late thirties and early forties for inspiration. It’s not just straight swing of course – don’t be ridiculous – this is the Dubsters we’re talking about which basically means natty little swing samples have been bolted on to monstrous beats (in a variety of breakbeat tempos and styles) and wobbly basslines in an A Skillz-“Tip Up Your Cup”-stylee. I shouldn’t really have to give any more explanation than that really…should I? Didn’t think so…
(Out now on Dirty Dubster Digital)
Dirty Dubsters – Dont mean a thing (mastered2) by DirtyDubsters

Dirty Dubsters – Fool of you (electro Swing mix) by DirtyDubsters

Listen to Dirty Dubsters – Monyana (Dirty Swingers EP)

Listen to Dirty Dubsters – I Got Plenty Of Nothing (Swing DnB)(Dirty Swingers EP)
(PRESS RELEASE) ‘Dirty Swingers’ EP
The Dubsters raid their crates and rework some classic 1930’s swing, churning it into a big beat electro swing party rocking monster. The 4 track EP is the perfect compliment for the electro swing / nufunk party dj, and offers a solid range of sounds from mid temp breaks and samba grooves to house and even a liquid funk DnB track for good measure.

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