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DIRTY DUBSTERS: Bodytonic podcast (2011)

I wouldn’t normally go plugging podcasts but Dirty Dubsters are trying to snap the Emerald Isle’s biggest promoters, Bodytonic, out of their house/ techno fixation. It is wrong of course to dismiss a whole genre in a sweeping generalisation, but that doesn’t change the fact that house music, at least, is shit. Yeah, all of it. Except the old stuff, obviously, before it became shit. In fact, round my way, liking house music is more or less regarded as a mental disability. That’s not to say that there are fewer people who listen wack dance music here, more that I regard many of them as having a mental disability. The Dubsters fight the good fight then, carrying the banner for bass music culture with a 17-track mix of skankin-hip-hop-dancefloor crossover filth. ‘Ave it. Tracklist below link:

LISTEN to Dirty Dubsters’ Bodytonic podcast HERE

Bodytonic: Dirty Dubsters podcast – tracklist
1 Shabba Ranks Vs Keith Tek Dukku Dukku – (Tonight Remix) (White)
2 Baby Badman – Blend Mishkin + Hidden Riddim (White)
3 Dub Pistols – Bristol Buds – Jinx in Dub Remix (bootleg)
4 Jinx in Dub – Traffic Jammin’ (Dirty Dubster Digital)
5 Dirty Dubsters Feat Whandah The Dainty Queen – need to leave you (Irish Moss Records)
6 Unknown – Heads High Remix – White
7 Dirty Dubsters Feat Afu Ra – Real Shit – (Breakdown Records 2012)
8 Total Cult – Cyan Rocksteady – (Dirty Dubster Digital)
9 Dirty Dubsters – Oh No – Elo Remix (Irish Moss Records 2012)
10 Mooqie – Supercat police – (Bombstrikes)
11 World Power – I’m Happy – White
12 Anthem – Black Roses – White
13 Dreadsquad – Gangster – Dubstep Remix
14 Flatline feat Werd2Jah – Slow Down – (Irish Moss Records Dec 2011)
15 Dirty Dubsters – Ya Done More – (Dirty Dubster Digital)
16 Dirty Dubsters Feat Chip Fu – Chopstix Dubplate Remix
17 Dirty Dubsters Feat Jah Clarity Dubplate buss up inna Soundboy head (Dubplate)

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