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DEM JUJU POETS: Voodoo Jazz/ Watusi Fever (2016)

voodoo-jazz-watusi-fever-dem-juju-poetsNot just the second Dem Juju Poets release this year but the second Dem Juju Poets release this month (and on two different labels, no less), this Voodoo Jazz/ Watusi Fever limited 45 finds Renegades Of Jazz’s David Hanke operating under his new moniker again with two energetic slices of hypnotic, jazzy afro-beat. Voodoo Jazz charts a course through uptempo percussion, antsy guitar and voodoo brass while the more sinuous Watusi Fever imagines the late 60s Blue Note lot getting down at a Dahomeyan Voudon ceremony.
(Out now on Radio Krimi Records)

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