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DELTRON 3030: City Rising From The Ashes (2013) Free download single + Converse Represent live video

[RATING: 5] Holy shitfire! It’s a brand new Deltron 3030 single – City Rising From The Ashes – and for free download no less. As it says on their soundcloud page, ” ‘City Rising from the Ashes’ is the lead single from the forthcoming Deltron 3030 album “Event II” signifying an official album release date is upon us.” About bloody time – production was laughably described as being ‘well under way’ back in 2004. City Rising From The Ashes appears to be the finished studio version of what was leaked three years ago and turned up on Youtube in rough-as-buggery lo-fi audio as Brothers Will Have To Fight. And it still sounded dope even then. Cop the new single as it should be heard below and view Del and co. performing live at the Converse Represent in San Francisco this week. Keen-eyed fans will note that Del sports a pair of Cons. That’s product placement, that is. So is this post. Where’s my kicks?

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