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DEF & DJAR ONE: Boom-Back Vol. 1

If you enjoyed Pitchcaps’ LH Calling mini-LP from January this year, I imagine you’ll be all over new six-track EP Boom-Back Vol. 1. Why? Because, as the title suggests, the duo behind it are boom-back with the boom-bap. And who might they be? Glad you asked! On the mic you’ll find emcee Def who has joined forces with Pitchcaps producer Djar One – a man who is quite the regular on these pages. That’ll account for the consistency of production then. What you get is six back-to-basics hip-hop cuts in a late nineties stylee. Among the tracks you’ll find Commes Mes Crocs a.k.a. the moody one (though whether that’s because of Def’s choice of footwear or not is beyond the monkey’s schoolboy French) and Le Reste a.k.a the dusty, stoned one. Arguably the pick of the bunch however is rather more lively opener L’Erreur a.k.a. The Cypress Hill one.
(Out now on Beats House Records)

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