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DEEP STREET SOUL: Straighten Out feat. Randa Khamis 12” – 2010 – Single review

[rating: 4]

Australia’s garage funkers take the final cut from recent LP Deep Street Soul (which comes on like a kind like a garage-ey Meters) and invite Randa Khamis (of Randa And The Soul Kingdom fame) to get all vocal on their ass. There’s no doubting that Ms Khamis’ pipes are in full working order and she’s got all the requisite scream and power although her style’s a bit too warbly for me. Good to hear another vocal cut from this lot but hard not to compare with their genius cover of Kick Out The Jams featuring Tia Hunter. Serves them right for being so dope in the first place. I’ve got no sympathy. Still, if you’re less fussy than me about the vocal style of your soul sisters and looking for something that sounds straight outta Muscle Shoals – welcome home!

Deep Street Soul – Myspace

Randa & The Soul Kingdom – Myspace

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