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DEEP STREET SOUL: Souls Come Alive (2016)

Souls Come Alive Deep Street Soul[RATING: 5] If you like your funk raw, it’s always worth checking out Deep Street Soul who keep it dirty, down on the floor. Originally a blistering four-piece live experience occasionally joined by a vocalist, they netted themselves a full-time singer in the form of ‘Mighty May’ Johnston for last LP Look Out Watch Out and single Souls Come Alive is their long overdue return in the run-up to release of third LP Come Alive. Drums so raw they’re practically dripping blood and horns hot enough to flash fry a steak create a hybrid garage-rock-tinged funky soul groove to underpin Johnston’s force-of-nature vocals. Don’t expect anything less on the flip which ups the tempo and lays down some of the rawest modern funky soul since the early days of Daptone. You won’t need mustard on this.
(Out 11 March on Freestyle Records)

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