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DEEP STREET SOUL: ‘Deep Street Soul’ Album Update

I’ve just heard previews of some tracks off this LP and they’re dirtier than a night with your favourite porn star. This is one you won’t wanna miss…Read album review HERE
(PRESS RELEASE) Releasing their debut self-titled album on Freestyle Records (UK) this November, Deep Street Soul is fast becoming Australia’s premier deep funk quartet. With two sold out 7inch releases (Jaycees), a digital EP (Straightup Recordings) and worldwide airplay by the heavyweights of the international funk/soul scene (including Craig Charles, Pete Isaac, Michael Ruetten and Dom Servini), Deep Street Soul are delivering full length, deep and dirty funk.
“…Feelin’ the deep street soul stuff – sick funk tracks!” (Giant Steps NYC)
“Deep Street Soul rock it, live and on this album. They are raw, real and street..” (Russ Dewbury, Jazz Rooms UK & AU)
‘I’ve just heard the preview of this album & it’s all killer and will, in my opinion, be one of the funk releases of the year’ (Pete Issac – JellyJazz UK)
Deep Street Soul are funk DJ & drummer Agostino ‘Sol Loco’ Soldati, bass player & soul aficionado Papa ‘J’ Hunter, Cropper lovin’ Matt ‘MG’ Green and Queen of the Hammond Monique ‘Mon Cherie’ Boggia. Getting together in early ‘06 they formed with the simple aim of recapturing some old skool southern flavors they’d DJ’d over the previous decade. Inspired by the breakout of nu-funk throughout Europe & the States (not forgetting Osaka Monaurail and Australia’s own – The Bamboos) they hit the clubs. Starting with an initial batch of Booker T & Meters covers, these quickly morphed into their own set of raw break-filled funk & soul.
Teaming with local Melbourne funk legend DJ John Idem in early ‘07, they released their first 45’ getdownHQ/ deepstreet strut on his Jaycee’s label. The 45’ quickly sold out and saw rotation on stations & mixes worldwide. As a result, a new 45’ loose caboose/nasty was recorded for Jaycee’s early 08’ (which also sold out) and a special 3 track digital release was cut for Blair Stafford’s Straightup Recordings label.
After hearing these tracks, Freestyle Records (UK) boss Adrian Gibson signed the band to his label. The vinyl re-release of Chilli Fried will occur 5th Oct 09, and then the 1st single Kick out the Jams on 12th Oct 09. The first LP is due for release on 16th Nov 09 – Recorded in late 2008 this album is funk of the down’n’dirty variety.

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