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DEEP BREEZ: Project Draw b/w Hammer 7″ (2017)

DEEP BREEZ: Project Draw b/w Hammer (2017)[RATING: 5] Boom! Hit me hard! NYC emcee Breez Evahflowin hooks up with Big Deep of NY production outfit 2 Hungry Bros as Deep Breez to mastermind a double latin boom-bap header on this big-ass forthcoming 7″ from Origu. Both tracks are drawn from HipNOTT Records’ forthcoming Bring Out Your Dead EP and A-side, Project Draw, is a minimalistic shimmy which finds Breez expound upon his first love of comics and drawing. This 45 is really all about the flip,
Hammer, though. This employs a break which manages to recall early DJ Muggs – or RZA for that matter (though at a far-from-stoned tempo) on which Breez, P.SO The Earthtone King, Arsonist (!) Jise One and DJ Static lay waste to all comers with lyrical – er – hammers. This is one breeze that’ll certainly raise goosebumps and ruffle your hair. Cop more action from producer Deep, who has just released fourteen-track instrumental beat tape Depth Perception Vol. 2 HERE.
(Out 23 June on Origu)

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