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DEDY DREAD & DJ REBEL: Trip To Brasil (2014) Free download

Trip To Brazil Dedy Dred DJ RebelDedy Dred and DJ Rebel take a trip to remix land here with a subtle and respectful Trip To Brasil reboot of Luiz Henrique’s mellow 60s ‘bossa moderna’ A Trip To Brasil that tweaks the beat enough to elicit a shimmy from the modern latin breaks fan. Just the beat though. Obviously if they were to update the lyrical content as well, traditional Brazilian delights such as beach strolls and carnivals might now also typically be supplemented by getting robbed in your car at traffic lights and watching your belongings rapidly disappear into the murky alleys of the favelas. Yes, thinking about it, much better to experience Brazil vicariously by copping the download below and listening to it somewhere completely safe like Glasgow, Miami or Naples.

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