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DE LA SOUL: What’s More (RHYTHM SCHOLAR One Of These Eyes Remix) – Free download

DE LA SOUL:  What's More (RHYTHM SCHOLAR One Of These Eyes Remix) - Free downloadIt’s been how long since De La Soul’s 3 Feet High And Rising came out? Turns out someone else they made an impression on all those years ago, besides the monkey, is remix junkie Rhythm Scholar who takes the road less travelled with this edit by plucking ‘blink and you miss it’ non-album cut What’s More from B-side obscurity. Not only that but he liberates the lyrics from the constraints of a 132bpm beat created from a paltry three samples. Only three samples!? What was Prince Paul thinking? There are those however, who might think that even daring to suggest a Paul beat was lacking in some way is almighty hubris but even they would have trouble finding fault with this remix, because Rhythm Scholar is nothing if not a perfectionist. For his One Of These Eyes Remix he set about creating a sample-rich beat in a Prince Paul stylee using – wait for it – only samples that were available in 1989 when the original came out and the result speaks for itself. Cop it HERE.

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