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DAYTONER: On My Own (2012)

UK producer Daytoner gets his first drop on Smoove’s ‘northern jazz’ breaks label and he’s on his own. He’s not really of course – that’s all bollocks. For a start classy little breaks number On My Own features the breathy (and occasionally growly) vocals of Jane Kennaway and secondly he’s got three remixers for company. And we’re not talking just any old dial-a-remixer because Daytoner has managed to scoop latin breaks don Andy Taylor, man of many styles (and labels) Mr Bird and fellow Wass labelmate Renegades Of Jazz a.k.a. David Hanke. All the remixes are quality – Taylor’s breaks are harder, Bird’s is more piano-tinkly with a dope breakdown in the middle but it’s Renegades of Jazz’s that’s the main shit this time. Big horns, big breaks, a sly bit of piccolo and major dancefloor appeal. On his own, my arse.
(Out on Wass Records 16 July)

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