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DAVE BARKER: Peace Of Mind (Vinyl 7″)

DAVE BARKER: Peace Of Mind 45[RATING: 5] Was it only last month that Original Gravity released a brand new 7″ by one early reggae hero and here they are again with another 45 and a different legend in tow!? Blimey! This time on the mic it’s Dave Barker of Dave & Ansell Collins (yes – of Double Barrel and Monkey Spanner fame!) and the track is entitled Peace of Mind. Weighing in at 104 bpm it’s certainly at the faster end of early reggae so perhaps we should apply the Bob Marley definition to determine if that rhythm is ska, rocksteady or early reggae. You don’t know it? Ok, concentrate, it goes something like this: ska goes chanka-chanka-chanka, rocksteady is chank-chank-chank and reggae is chankacha-chankacha-chankacha. So this one’ll arguably be at the faster end of rocksteady then! Glad we got that cleared up, not that you’ll be bothered either way because Peace Of Mind is a total earworm! On the flipside OG house band The Regulators (multi-instrumentalist label boss Neil Anderson, in other words) deliver a fat Upsetters-channeling early reggae nugget – the aptly-titled Jamaican Beat. Don’t operate on ‘island time’ if you want to get your hands on a copy!
(Pre-order now/ Shipping from 22 November on Original Gravity Records)

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