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DAPTONE presents: THE POETS OF RHYTHM feat. EDAN video (2013)

Daptone‘s got a brand new bag! Well, brand new old bag. Why? Because they’re re-releasing a ‘best of’ anthology from German retro funkers Poets Of Rhythm. The Poets were famously the backing band for Lyrics Born on I Changed My Mind off Quannum’s classic ’98 Spectrum LP and purveyors of instrumental funky soul of such quality in general that they were a big influence on Daptone. Anyway – what better way to promo the album than with a video. How about one in which a dj cuts back and forth between two copies of the same track – Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul? One-handed. Without headphones. In what must surely be a wig. And then delivers an effortless promo rap over the top. With more style and panache than most people using two hands and the swankiest headphones money can buy. He’s humble, he’s magnificent – he’s hands down the most impressive dj I’ve ever seen live (not to mention highly respected rapper and innovative producer) – it’s Edan of course. Take it away son…

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