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DANIEL MERRIWEATHER: Water & A Flame (feat. Adele) – 2009 – Single review + Video

[rating: .5]

More smug and puke-inducing than one of those middle class couples who don’t have the bollocks to admit they’re Tories, this will doubtless play on said couples’ car stereo as they take little Poppy and Jasper to pony club. Also, listening to it, I noticed my life-force started to ebb away like it does when I’m in the ‘helpline’ queue of a company so massive that they couldn’t care less if you wait fifty minutes at premium rates and, in fact, might just cut you off at the end of that time anyway, fuck you very much. Ironic really, as toss like this is exactly the sort of thing picked by faceless multinationals to soundtrack your suffering while they claim to experience, ‘unusually high call volumes’. Wankers.
Watch Water & A Flame video HERE

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