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DANIEL MERRIWEATHER (feat. Skinnyman): Chainsaw – ‘Free’ download

Nothing in life is really free is it? And if you ain’t paying with cash money you’ll pay some other way – a bit like with this link. Daniel Merriweather’s label offers you a ‘free’ download remix of track Chainsaw which also features UK rapper Skinnyman. Merriweather has a new single Change out on 2 February and a debut LP Love & War out later in the year – both produced by Mark Ronson. If you are unable to contain your boundless excitement at something new that’s been touched by the hand of Ronseal – or are such a desperate Skinnyman completist that you simply have to have anything he’s on – click away. Bear in mind however that you will be asked to give over your email, mobile phone number, and promise to send them an affidavit signed in your own blood agreeing to let them have your soul and firstborn child. I might have made the last bit up. Anyway – here’s the link:

‘Free’ download of Daniel Merriweather (feat. Skinnyman) – Chainsaw

You could also listen to it on the link below first before making your decision. Gotta stick it to the man right?

Listen to Daniel Merriweather (feat. Skinnyman) – Chainsaw – courtesy of

Daniel Merriweather – Myspace

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