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DANIEL MERRIWEATHER (feat. Wale): Change – 2009 – Single review/ Making of… video

[rating: 4]

“Some do it all for the money, some do it all for the love,” – my jury’s still out on Daniel Merriweather but this has brought me round a little. Last time I reviewed one of his vocal performances I likened him to Daniel Bedingfield – which may have been a little uncharitable. I’m prepared this time to go so far as to suggest that he sounds a bit like the lead singer of of 90s funk-glam-rockers Living Colour – Corey whatshisname. Anyway – there’s something a bit nineties about his voice which still sounds too clean cut for my liking, though I suspect that’s partly a consequence of production and choice of track. Incidentally, production on Change is the responsibility of Merriweather’s best buddy Mark Ronson. Can you guess what it sounds like? A few horns maybe? Yup. Functional but not especially imaginative breakbeat? Yup. The presence of rapper Wale ups the kudos a little but other strengths are lyrics that are at worst inoffensive and at best ‘conscious’ and the bottom line – a decent, if introspective, tune. Not quite the “anthemic psyched out acoustic folk record fuelled by the fires of Motown” of press release hyperbole but I wouldn’t kick it out of bed. ‘Making of…’ video below…
Released 2 February on Allido/ Columbia

Daniel Merriweather – Myspace

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