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[rating: 5]

I remember December as being the time of year when the only dance tracks released are shit abominations involving tacky house beats and vocals cheesier than the feet of mice who live under a camembert factory. So I guess that makes this December some sort of anomaly as it’s been one of the funkiest months all year. Hot on the heels of all the other good shit (actually preceding much of it – as this review’s a bit late) comes Da Wiesel. Unsurprisingly, ‘Wiesel’ is German for weasel and as everyone knows, weasels are some heavyweight rodents that definitely don’t live under cheese factories. Thus ‘A’ side Shotgun is utterly true to character in that it’s a non-cheesy slice of heavyweight instrumental funky breaks – a quality it shares with ‘B’ side Downtown Breakdown and second B Side Cool Hot Grits which finds an excellent use for the Another One Bites The Dust b-line and the flows of Roots Manuva. Any vinyl soldiers out there thinking of getting the party started on NYE want this in their record bags. Or as Rodney Smith puts it – “…Pump your fist and stamp your footsy, if you can’t dance just wiggle your tootsie.”
Out now on Sunsetsoul.

Listen to – Da Wiesel – The Shotgun EP

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