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CZARFACE: Air ‘Em Out (2013) video + action figure

In which three middle-aged men (who should know better) indulge their Goodfellas/ Pulp Fiction fantasies. The video for album track Air ‘Em Out off the Czarface project finds Inspectah Deck as some sort of Marsellus Wallace/ Henry Hill pastiche with 7L and Esoteric as his white trash lackeys. Deck spends a lot of time initially gesticulating with a spaghetti-loaded fork – resulting in tomato sauce splashes in a few places I shouldn’t wonder – which he later swaps for a samurai sword – resulting human tomato sauce everywhere. That’ll require a hot wash. Guess who gets to air out the basement after Deck has let some air in to a treacherous associate’s torso…

The album with its comic-book inspired cover art and pop-up book packaging is released on 19 February. Did you know their will be a Czarface action figure (“He bombs atomically! He speaks real words! Kids love him!”) designed by someone called Sucklord? Honestly – you couldn’t make it up…

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