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CYPRESS HILL: Cypress Hill Special 25th Anniversary Edition (2016)

25th-anniversary-cypress-hill-skullGood lord! It’s been a quarter of a century since that funky Cypress Hill shit first hit the public consciousness on their self-titled debut album and five years since the last anniversary re-release! Perhaps it’s time to light another – er – I mean re-release it again. Which label will have their hand on the pump though? Why premium hip-hop reissue label Get On Down of course – a label which was born to get busy with vintage hip-hop real estate. How to re-package this little musical something for the blunted though? Oohh – I know! What about a cd re-release where the case is a 3-dimensional black resin re-creation of the band’s original logo? Whoo shit! It’s enough to give you ultraviolet dreams! The fact that the audio has been re-mastered and that the skull-case also comes with a 100-page hardback booklet featuring liner notes by music journo Chris Faraone plus contributions from B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs is so exciting it might induce a stoned way of the walk for buyers too.
(Out 25 November (UK) on Get On Down)

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