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CUT LA VIS feat. PEPPERY: Festival (2016) Free download

Festival Cut La Vis Peppery[RATING: 5] Hats off to Cut La Vis who ropes in vocalist Peppery and manages, through the medium of this glorious rootsy groove to make one feel well-disposed towards festivals. Between them they conjure images of free love, positive karma and transcendental vibrations. Rather than several days with no sleep, food poisoning, the stench of portaloos and being forced by crowds to stand so far from a stage you can’t tell if the band on it is the one that is supposed to be on it or not while an ignorant hippy reeking of cider and old sweat keeps knocking you in the ribs with their dancing. Why not put some beer in the sun to warm up, and half cook a burger while you download, then listen to it with your eyes closed in the comfort of your own home. Happy days! Cop it below…

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