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CUT CHEMIST feat. EDAN & MR LIF: ‘Metalstorm’ video

CUT CHEMIST feat. EDAN & MR LIF:  'Metalstorm' videoWell here’s a Friday night treat for you and no mistake as Cut Chemist delivers the sequel to Storm – the Edan and Mr Lif-featuring best cut off his ten year-old solo LP The Audience’s Listening in the form of Metalstorm. And you know what that means, right? Yep – it means more Lif and Edan. Plus another electro-based, scratchadelic beat based around another sample from the same Vox Populi track as Storm. And while Metalstorm might be a bit slower and less of a club track than its prequel, greatness is ensured by the presence of two of the world’s best underground emcees (which is to say, two of the world’s best emcees) who dispense with all that “You do a verse, then I’ll do one,” nonsense and go bar-to-bar and head-to-head. Literally, actually, regarding the latter, as the psychedelic cut n paste video frequently combines our two microphone heroes into a half Lif/ half Edan entity. It’s all about the hair too. Prepare yourself for Lif to have shaved off his trademark dreads and Mr ‘King of silly haircuts’ Portnoy to sport an Eraserhead-ish ‘do.’ Well – that kind of surreality is only to be expected with lyrics that begin thus: “In the land of the lost, we lay down law/ Chopping off your head to take your face on tour.” Metalstorm is the first track to have surfaced from Cut Chemist’s forthcoming Die Cast LP which also sees an appearance from Biz Markie (!) among others. Word is that Mr Chemist is also knee-deep new beats he’s preparing for Jurassic 5 too. Our cup runneth over…

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