SAVANT feat. Janien Hammonds & Makeda: Skin (prod. Satchill Head) (2011) – Free download

Emcee Savant’s latest pursues sultrier avenues than recent ‘jawns’ (he will insist on calling them that, he’s American you know) and he’s such a lady magnet he gets not one but two on his record – spoken word artist Janien Hammonds and singer Makeda a.k.a. TheeRedFox. Then he goes and gets producer Satchill Head to put together a beat which samples classic eighties soul legend Sade. The smooth operator. You’ll see what I did there if you’re over a certain age. If you’re not over a certain age just remember to pronounce Sade as ‘Shar-day’. And there you have it – it’s extremely unlikely you’ll hear a sexier piece of music for the rest of the year so you need to start downloading now as you’ll be wanting this to fuck to.

Skin (prod. by Satchill Head) by Savant aka Stanstro