REX REY: The Raw Deal 2012 (2013) Free download

The Raw Deal 2012 is the latest volume in a series from L.A. hip-hop producer (and one half of psychedelic West Coast hip-hop duo Windmills) Rex Rey. It’s a not dissimilar kind of deal to DOOM’s Special Herbs & Spices beat series and our man describes his latest offering as being, “Beats in various stages for sundry projects down the road.” But don’t listen to him – that makes them sound like half-finished beats with timing issues, dodgy mix levels and all manner of glitches that need sorting out. What you’re actually getting is fourteen quality instrumental breakbeat cuts which draw from hugely varied sample sources and take in everything generically from ‘trip-hop’ to ‘broken beat.’ And levels of production which would shame more than a few mastering studios. If there’s one thing for certain – you ain’t getting a raw deal. File along with DJ Shadow, Mo Wax, Ninjatune, Wax Tailor and the like.