MEGATIVE: Can’t Do Drugz (Like I Used To) + video

MEGATIVE:  Can't Do Drugz (Like I Used To) + videoRating: ★★★★★ If you want a sense of what North American collective Megative (consisting of The Stills’ Tim Fletcher, producer/ musician Gus Van Go, producer/ musicians Like Minds and New York dancehall legend Screechy Dan) sound like, think of The Specials’ more downtempo moments as if produced by Massive Attack. Dubby but pop savvy, first single (and anthem for doomed youth) More Time (recently remixed by Dubmatix) perfectly captured the edgy zeitgeist of a hyperreal world where the likes of Trump and Putin hold sway and everyone wishes they’d paid a bit more attention before things went batshit. Well, you have to skank, or else you’d cry. Second single Can’t Do Drugz (Like I Used To) once again taps into the sense that things have been considerably better than they are now by (once again) focussing on lost youth and those halcyon days when you could expect to knock back something considerably more narcotic than a couple of pints and a fag and awake in the morning with nothing worse than a full bladder. We’ve all been there. Personally, it’s all about the four pint rule these days – otherwise it feels like a pig shat in my head. Check the video below in which Fletcher wanders around looking for all the world like he regrets the ketamine he just took in an ill-advised bid to forget the latest bollocks Trump has come out with.
(Out now on Last Gang Records)