Ape Panic Johhnypluse Stormtroopers Of LovePrepare for Celtic breakbeat mayhem as Johnnypluse & The Stormtroopers Of Love finally release their debut long player at an appropriately insane time in world history. Guns! Leave! Remain! Bomb third world countries so refugees head your way then blame refugees for everything! Hey – what are those bankers doing? Move along sonny – nothing to see here, Murdoch and Harmsworth say so! Do excuse me, I’ve just Trumped. Christ! Surely the only thing left to do is sink multiple pints of Guinness with Jamesons chasers and open the doors to Ape Panic?

Dub, ska, breaks, hip-hop, wobble, the odd Star Wars sample (obviously) and Irish rapping all go into the mix – it’s like Goldie Lookin’ Chain stripped naked, painted themselves with something sticky and ran through the genres of old school breaks and ragga leaping on everything like great big friendly Irish Setters. What about a guest spot though? Who could possibly be man enough (not to mention mad enough) to join the frenzy? There’s only one answer to that and it begins with ‘Money’ and ends with ‘Shot’. We all know who I’m talking about. Ape Panic, then – don’t say you haven’t been warned.
(Out 20 June on Bulabeats Records)