DJ DNA feat. PAX & KURTIS BLOW: The Sum Of The Sound

Rating: ★★★★★
Can there conceivably be another MB 5 star recommendation in a week when even the tracks without one pretty much merit one? About four bars of this should decide you the answer’s a ‘yes’. Dutchman DJ DNA has only gone and hooked up with hip-hop legend Kurtis Blow as well as Pax from respected Dutch hip-hop duo Pax & Pry for stompin’ sixties garage-soul-shuffle-hip-hop-party thing The Sum Of The Sound. Background info is thin on the ground so props once more to my NL connect Zephirnl of The Shakedown DJs for the heads up and The Find Mag for getting there first. Eager to find out when this was out and on what formats, I scoured the internet and my search pretty much came to the sum of fuck all. The video wasn’t much help either, featuring, as it does, a load of hipsters prancing around sunny docklands like they’re high on life. Which they might well be listening to this. Catch it now before some global multinational snaps it up for an advert.

N.B. Since this was first posted the DNA camp have been in touch – see comments below. The track will be available shortly on iTunes and an album (complete with collabs with Kurtis Blow and others) will follow September-ish on the Kytopia label. And it transpires that the ‘mysterious’ DNA was scratch dj in Dutch rap-rock contemporaries of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Fishbone, Urban Dance Squad. So not that mysterious then. The evidence suggests that this is his soundcloud too HERE but it looks like a work in progress.

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