BASEMENT FREAKS: Tarantino Bass Sample Pack (Black Octopus)(2017)

BASEMENT FREAKS:  Tarantino Bass Sample Pack (Black Octopus)As a blood red sun sets over 2017, what’s this that comes ambling over the horizon to the sound of mournful mariachi trumpets and harshly jangling guitars? Why it’s Basement Freaks’ new sample pack, Tarantino Bass, on which the the Balkan beat bandit provides a posse of sax, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and accordion loops (among other things) influenced by the sound of both Old Mexico and south-Eastern Europe. Everything has been recorded live and arranged as ‘kits’ to facilitate an easy transition into your compositions and a highlight is over 200 sax loops grouped into four different categories as ‘Old School,’ ‘Smokey,’ ‘Jazzy,’ ‘Jammin,’ and ‘Funky.’ I like the way you play, boy!
(Out now on Black Octopus)