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CONSCIOUS SOUNDS & KENNY KNOTS: Watch How The People Dancing (2015)

Watch How The People Dancing Kenny Knots Conscious SoundsHere’s the next episode for reggae legend Kenny Knots’ 80s classic Watch How The People Dancing as another reggae legend, Conscious Sounds, Dre’s-up a riddim for the new millenium (inna digi-dub stylee) for the Reggae Roast label. This is out on wax naturally and the flip is the dub instro. It’s very much the sort of thing you’d like to hear dropped at, say, Bristol’s St Paul’s Carnival next year though the chances of that seem slim given the abandonment of the carnival this year for vague logistical reasons. If only Bristol were a small village like London which manages to host the tiny Notting Hill carnival every bastard year. Not that the monkey’s got an axe to grind or anything. No embeddable audio yet so you’ll have to check it HERE.
(Out 18 September on

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