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COCKNEY NUTJOB: Woo Hah!! Remix (2012) Free download

Cockney Nutjob does a fine job of a ghetto funking-up Busta Rhymes’ debut solo single from all the way back in ’96. Curious how the memory works – I always remembered the original as being quite full-on but when I listened to it after hearing this it had all the impact of being smacked in the face with cotton wool. Perhaps it was the video with Rhymes’ face – well – all up in your face – that gave it an illusory impression of lairyness. No need for Busta to show you the inside of his nostrils to provide a sense of excitement with this one though since it bangs like a crack whore. Cockney Nutjob – he’s got you all in check!

Woo Haa!! (Remix) – Free Download by Cockney Nutjob

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