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COCKNEY NUTJOB: My Baby Don’t (Scour Records Freemix) (2015) Free download

My Baby Don't Cockney NutjobIf you haven’t noticed lately, Scour Records have been busily gliding around planet breaks hoovering up party-starting talent like some sort of ghetto funk Dyson. If you’re one of the lucky ones what happens is, if you’re not already on a label (and in some cases even if you have been) you get sucked in using patented Scour technology and spend the rest of your days making floor-filling tunes whilst being fluffed by Playboy bunnies. It’s the sort of practice that results in Cockney Nutjob‘s latest – a swingy sort of wobble that employs the ‘high priestess of soul.’ Nothing to Simone about there then. Cop it below…

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