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CHIMA ANYA: The Trilogy (Prod. CLEM BEAT’Z) (2015) + video

The Trilogy Chima Anya Clem Beat'zRapping doctor Chima Anya reunites with French beatmaker Clem Beat’z for new track The Trilogy. Title not withstanding, this is “a song in two parts,” the first of which finds our Chima exercising his wrath at some unspecified individual or individuals over a suitably portentous beat that is half Delta blues/ spiritual and half Twin Peaks incidental music. Then it morphs into dreamy forties-inspired vocal harmonies and jazz piano territory over which Dr Anya suddenly becomes calm and considered. Much as if having to follow an aggravating private phonecall behind closed doors with presenting a friendly face to his next patient. It’s precisely this kind of professionalism that makes the NHS the Great British instution that it is. And hip-hop itself doesn’t fare too badly as a result either. So where’s part 3? Apparently, this is to be continued. Players and video below…

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